Selection Guidelines

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Selection is a discerning and interpretive process, involving a general knowledge of the subject and its important literature, a familiarity with the materials in the collection, and awareness of the bibliographies of the subject, and recognition of the needs of the community.

Literary merit; enduring value; accuracy; authoritativeness; social significance; importance of subject matter to the collection; timeliness; popular demand; cost; scarcity of material on the subject and availability elsewhere, quality and suitability of the format; other considerations may be applicable in specific subject areas. Selectors should choose materials that will build a well-rounded collection which includes all viewpoints and opinions and which will meet customers’ needs.

Selection tools will consist of professional journals; trade journals; subject bibliographies; publishers’ catalogs and promotional materials; reviews from reputable sources; lists of recommended titles; and sales representatives for specific materials. Purchase suggestions from customers are also an important source.

Standard review sources include but are not limited to the following: Booklist, Horn Book, Kirkus, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Voya, Wilson Library Bulletin, New York Times Book Review.

The scope of the Haverford Township Free Library collection refers to the formats offered, the treatment, and the level of difficulty. Materials selected for the library collection are intended to meet the cultural, informational, educational, and recreational needs of the residents of Haverford and to meet the requirements mandated to be an Area Resource Center Library. The scope of the collection is intended to offer a choice of format, treatment, and level of difficulty so that the most individual library needs can be met and service given to individuals of all ages, within current budget parameters and constraints. The library encourages the use of interlibrary cooperation to better serve the needs of its clientele by expanding available resources. The collection scope is intended to provide only supplemental materials for individuals pursuing educational programs and a beginning point for those seeking more advanced information or materials. The emphasis is on acquiring materials of wide-ranging interest to the general public.

Approved by the Haverford Township Free Library Board of Trustees 3/19/03