Strategic Plan

We invite you to become actively involved in the planning process and help chart a course that serves the community. The plan first presents a broad vision and direction for the Library as we move toward an exciting future. Second, it charts a course for the next three years outlining objectives and strategies for the short term, while moving toward a set of shared, long-term goals. This is an opportune time for the Library to plan a future that builds on current strengths and past history and to take stock in and redefine our role as an organization that is central to the community. To that end, the objectives of the planning process were to:

  • Establish a common understanding of the Haverford Township Free Library‚ current position;
  • Articulate the Library's long-term vision and major goals for the next three years; and
  • Set the strategies the Library will use to achieve the vision and goals

The key aspects of the Haverford Township Free Library's strategic plan are based on the Library‚ mission statement and overall goals: The mission of the Haverford Township Free Library is, to provide you with resources, programs, and services that enhance and enrich your life. The goals of the Haverford Township Free Library are to

  • Increase community involvement in the Library
  • Situate the Library as an active, vital community hub
  • Improve availability and access to quality materials and services
  • Ensure that the library building/facilities fully support the mission and reflect community goals and needs

Our success in achieving this vision for the future and fulfilling our mission depends on engaging with the abundant resources of the Haverford Township community. Success will require the commitment of the Library's leaders; the skills and dedication of staff; and the enthusiastic support of the community. Again, we welcome and look forward to working with you to shape the growth of the Library as a vital and active center for knowledge and public discourse. Thank you for being a part of our journey! Download copies of our Strategic Plans below.