Board of Trustees Approves Policy for Library Users

At its June monthly meeting the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a revised behavior policy for its patrons that increases the age when a child must be accompanied by a responsible individual. In the past no child under 7 years of age could be left alone in the library. Under the new policy that age has been increased to 11.

The updated age policy reads as follows: “For the safety and comfort of children, a responsible individual must accompany children under age eleven when they are using the Library. A responsible individual age 13 or older must accompany children under age eleven when they are using the Library. This responsible individual must supervise, guide and control the behavior of their charge or charges at all times. When a child under 11 is unattended or under attended, library staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardian of the child, if the parent/guardian cannot be located, staff will contact the police.”

The entire behavior policy can be reviewed by clicking here.

The revised age policy was recommended by staff based on several incidents where young children were left unattended and the parents could not be immediately contacted. The new age requirement is also consistent with the practice of other libraries in Delaware County.

In other business, Board President Phil Goldsmith welcomed the new director Sukrit Goswami to his first board meeting.  Goldsmith called Mr. Goswami a “breath of fresh air who brings a new set of eyes, a clear head, a forward way of looking at what needs to be done with a respect for the good work that has been done.”

Mr. Goldsmith also notified the board that the Township and the Haverford School District were in discussions about transferring the site of the old Brookline School to the Township for possible use as a new library. Because of that possibility, all work on the renovation of the current library building has been suspended until a final decision is made on the Brookline site.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees is Wednesday July 18th at 7pm in the Board Room.