Book Drop at the CREC!

The Haverford Township Free Library is offering a remote location book drop for your convenience.

Your library just made book return more user-easy. We’ve added a secure drop box at the CREC entrance. So, when that location is more convenient for you, feel free to deposit your books, CDs and DVD’s there instead of here. Of course, we’d miss seeing you in our building. But this is one more way – along with on-line interaction, eBook usage instruction, Homebound delivery, museum passes, hot spots, programs (lectures, classes, concerts, social events) and more – that your Library on the Corner serves as a full-fledged community partner.

If the CREC drop proves popular, look for more to come around the township. We’re your main library…and we keep reaching out to serve you!

Usage Times:

CREC—Community Recreation & Environmental Center
Haverford Reserve
9000 Parkview Drive
Haverford, PA 19041

Items you can put in the remote drop box:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Games

Items to bring in to the Library:

  • All electronic items (ereaders, hot spots, rokus)
  • Museum Passes
  • Book Donations

Library materials only in the book drop please.