Concert – Celebrate Female Artists!

Event Details

Performed by Alice Marie

Alice Marie is a Philadelphia-based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and music educator.  While touring, Marie could not help but notice the male-dominated nature of the music scene; one that often shuns female leadership.  Thus, she launched #CelebrateFemaleArtists as a collaborative Social Media/Performance movement in 2017, in order to give female writers and performers their rightly-deserved homage and tribute to a strong female presence ON and OFF-stage.

Marie is dedicated to recognizing the female chanteuse, bandleader, instrumentalist, improviser, rockstar, composer, and all-around creative genius.  She performs and samples many classics:  from Ella Fitzgerald, Rita Hayworth, Carole King, Bonnie Raitt, and Omaha Portuondo’s masterful catalogues, to legendary fiddlers, Eileen Eivers and Regina Carter’s soulful riffs…and many more female front-women of fancy.  Nowadays, there can never be quite enough GIRL POWER, and Alice Marie is here to bring it to you.


Ages: Open to All
Cost: Free
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