The Great Courses Lecture Screen & Discussion – Skywatching: The Moon, Phases, and Lunar Eclipses

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Skywatching: The Moon, Phases, and Lunar Eclipses

Step outside at any time of day or night, look up, and you’re bound to see a world filled with limitless wonders: majestic rainbows, stirring sunsets, intricate constellations, captivating solar eclipses, and even the distant planets themselves. These and other natural phenomena are the result of fascinating atmospheric and astronomical processes that describe right in front of you important concepts in scientific fields such as cosmology and physics. They all too often go unappreciated by the average skywatcher.

To truly understand and enjoy the wonders in the sky requires a solid understanding of the science behind where these wonders come from and how they’re formed, as well as insights into the best times and places to see them and simple equipment and other steps you can use to improve what you see at any time.

Join us for a screening of Skywatching: The Moon, Phases, and Lunar Eclipses and get an unparalleled visual guide to nature’s most mysterious and beautiful offerings. Looking up at the moon has always been a favorite pastime on romantic evenings. But there’s so much more to see and experience when you look with a trained eye:

• Learn about the moon’s craters & seas
• Follow its distinct lunar phases
• Ponder the “moon illusion”
• Explore lunar eclipses

We will view the 45-minute lecture by award-winning astronomer and Professor Alex Filippenko of UC Berkeley who has crafted a visually stunning tour of the sky’s most dazzling displays. Using the same dynamic teaching style that has won him praise from countess lifelong learners, he shows us new ways to appreciate the marvels of our planet and the entire universe. We will then have an engaging discussion about the lecture, and how to apply it to our daily lives.

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