Mental Health and Your Child – Parenting Seminar

Is This Behavior Typical or Should I Worry?

Mental illness is one of the top health concerns for children and teens, but often we wonder if our kid’s behavior is just typical child/teen angst associated with growing up or a mental health issue. Join us for this important program for parents of children in grades K -12. The program will cover issues including:

• Helpful ways parents can talk to their children about how they are feeling
• Acknowledging and combating the powerful stigma against mental illness and recognizing how it may be holding us or our kids back from seeking help
• Learning to handle our own emotions/fears/ reluctance around our children’s mental health issues

The program will feature a moderated panel discussion with experts in child and teen development. A representative from the School District of Haverford Township will make a short presentation about mental health resources (both in and out of the district) that parents can access for their child/teen.

Registration fee $10. To register and pay, go to: or make payment at the Library front desk. The program is #300 in the HTAS Fall Course Catalog.