Learn How to Build a Rain Garden

Event Details

Walking tour of some gardens built between 2015 and 2018 after presentation.

Speaker, DCVA’s Derron LaBrake, Principal at Wetlands & Ecology, Inc., Certified Ecological Designer, Professional Wetlands Scientist and Penn State Extension Master Watershed Steward, and Vice President on the Board of Darby Creek Valley Association, and a leader in Haverford Township’s Hav-a-Rain Garden program.

Mr. LaBrake will go over some of the basics of watershed hydrology and then spend some time discussing and describing how to design and build a residential rain garden. He has given similar talks over the past four years to a variety of audiences and the talks are generally an interactive experience and packed with information. Following the presentation, we will go on a short walking tour to see some of the rain gardens that have been installed. One from 2015, one from 2016, one from 2017, and one from 2018, so that you can see how they grow and develop over time into a beautiful landscape amenity.

Ages: Adults
Presented By: Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative
Cost: Free
Contact: Mary at shannon@haverfordlibrary.org


What is a Rain Garden?

Beautiful landscaped areas built down, instead of up, intercepting runoff from buildings, driveways and other impervious surfaces before it can reach the storm sewers and streams. Small gardens are typically 6-12 inches deep and drain within a day or two after a rain. Plants are water and drought tolerant and need little or no watering after they are established.