Virtual – Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Event Details

Need something to do this weekend? We’ve got you covered! At 1pm we will post a big list of items you need to find and take a selfie with. You can do this alone or with your partner in quarantine.

To play:
RSVP that you’re coming!
In the event/group page you will create a post with your name. Then reply to that post with the selfies as you take them. Other players can challenge the validity of your find. The person with the most valid selfies by 5pm wins a prize, plus bragging rights.

Be sure that while you play you are practicing social distancing. Don’t go to stores to look for items, stick to your house and neighborhood.

Game Rules:
Selfies must be taken that day, no using old photos.
No selfies with stuff from google images, unless a picture is specified, all items must be real/tangible.

*More rules may be added later as people ask questions.

This program can be found on the Library’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Click here to go to the Facebook Event.