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Cookies and Mystery

February features Young Adult Mysteries

Come join Mary Bear Shannon

on the 3rd Thursday of every month,

This group features a discussion of different mystery genres.

Reading A Round

January's title is Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth

Come join Patti Mungan over Zoom

on the 4th Tuesday of every month,

The Library's first and oldest book club, this group reads bestsellers in many genres.

Hooked on History

February's Title is The Three Mothers by Anna Malaika Tubbs

Come join Mary Bear Shannon

on the 4th Monday of every month,

History buffs will love this club, which features books and topics related to historic events, people, and time periods.

Reading for Understanding

January's title is A City on Mars by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith

Come join either Mandy Folwell or Mary Bear Shannon

on the 4th Wednesday of every month,

This book club features many different kinds of nonfiction titles

Graphic Novel Club

January's title is Flung Out of Space by Grace Ellis

Come join Kim Christopher over Zoom

on the 1st Wednesday of every month,

where readers discuss graphic novels that tackle real-life issues, non-fiction subjects, and the independent publishers that release both alternative and mainstream superhero, sci-fi fantasy graphic novels, and comics.

Cookbook Club

February's Theme is Red Food.

Come join Mary Bear Shannon

on the 2nd Monday of every month,

Cook from a selected cookbook or subject each month and bring your dishes to share with the group.

Books on Tap

January's title is The Sentence by Louise Erdrich

Come join Mandy Folwell

on the 3rd Tuesday of Every Month,

This group meets at a bar, weather permitting, and reads newer books and bestsellers of no specific genre.