Routine Maintenance Announcement: Parking and Noise Notification

It has been determined after assessing the Library’s heating system that the boiler must be replaced prior to this winter’s heating season. This work is projected to be performed over the next two weeks. It is our understanding that the Library will be able to remain open for our patrons and staff during the installation process.

We have been informed that there will be noise associated with this work but that it is scheduled to cover a limited number of hours. There will also be a period of three to five days when the parking lot will be unavailable for use.

Our goal is to inform you about the expected noise and parking lot closure with as much notice as possible, most likely at least 24 hours prior. We will post updates about the noise and parking lot closure on our social media and our website, so please check those sources for the latest information.

The Library is committed to keeping you informed so that you will know what to expect during this period of time. We apologize for any inconvenience.