Science in the Summer: Be a Physicist!

Event Details

The 2023 Science in the Summer – Be a Physicist! program invites children entering grades 2 through 6 to take on the role of scientists as they investigate different forms of energy and use the principles of physics to solve real-world problems. The activities encourage children to practice scientific techniques and explore the following big ideas:

  • Energy comes in different forms, like heat, light, sound, and motion
  • Energy can change from one form into another, move from place to place, or transfer from one object to another
  • Scientists use models to test ideas and understand complicated systems

Each Be a Physicist! activity highlights a real-world career through a story that invites children to play the role of a person in that career, while exploring how energy moves, changes, and shapes the world around them. This year’s careers include an Accident Investigator, Laser Scientist, Materials Scientist, and Power Plant Engineer.

NOTE: At Haverford Library, we will have a whole day of science – four modules in one science-packed day – so bring a snack and a drink, as we will take a half-hour break from 2pm – 2:30pm!


Please register each child in your family individually HERE.