Event Category: Kids Summer Reading Club

Join us for our Summer Reading Kickoff event with Andrew’s Big Show, a family-friendly comedy circus show featuring lots of interaction, juggling, fun tricks, absurd human feats, and more – and don’t forget to pick up your Summer Reading Log to start off into your summer of reading 2023!

Join us for this fun Summer Reading event with John Hadfield’s Science is Everywhere! Electricity, gravity, astronomy, and famous inventions have never been more exciting and interesting to young students as John Hadfield raps, explains and throws himself around the stage in Science is Everywhere! Hats float in the air, Rice Krispies fly, a student’s hair stands up and a Read More

The 2023 Science in the Summer – Be a Physicist! program invites children entering grades 2 through 6 to take on the role of scientists as they investigate different forms of energy and use the principles of physics to solve real-world problems. The activities encourage children to practice scientific techniques and explore the following big ideas: Energy comes in different Read More